DWAM Bobby Leash **

€ 49,95
DWAM Bobby Leash **

Dress to Impress Every Day


Cause a sensation with this striking piece. Enjoy sashaying along a city street, or padding across the sand, knowing she is safe and secure on a leash, fit for a doggy diva. 

Complete this look with the Janis and Joplin collars. 


●     Strong, flat leather leash design to ensure you can keep her safe when she is sociable with everyone she meets. 

●     Heavy duty ‘lobster claw’ hook for extra leash security – once your little girl is leashed, she stays on the leash, regardless of her size. 

●     Handy ring on handle – for easy fastening around your waist or shoulder when she has off-the-leash time. 

●     Handle is lined with super-soft turquoise fleece, so that walking is comfortable for you too. 

●     Lovingly handstitched for added strength and durability. 

●     Hand-studded with solid brass. 

●     Comes complete with our DWAM signature leather tassel and discs. 

●     Easy to clean – see care instructions below. 

●     Available in small or large size.